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Pre and post-operative physiotherapy are often the most neglected areas of injury management, despite having a huge influence on the success of a surgery and the outcomes and goals achieved by the patient.

What does pre-operative management involve?

Pre-operative advice and rehabilitation (or "prehab") can often play a role in the following things;

  • Delaying the need for invasive procedures, such as joint replacements
  • Keeping you mobile and active
  • Maintaining muscle strength and function in the affected area
  • Assisting you in preparing for surgery

At The Physio Rooms Woodvale, our practitioners have excellent relationships with orthopaedic surgeons, who encourage their patients to attend physiotherapy for advice and strengthening in the lead up to their surgery. Our physiotherapists excel in keeping you active and informed along the journey ahead.

What does post-operative management involve?

The Physio Rooms Woodvale also provides post-operative care following any orthopaedic surgery. Post-operative care is essential in achieving the maximum optimal outcome from your surgery. We work closely with surgeons to ensure that you are following the prescribed protocol of exercises following your operation. Once you are ready, we will customise an exercise program to enable you to return to your usual activities using our onsite gym and range of equipment. This program will be tailored to what you need to achieve functionally for return to work, sport and your pre-injury lifestyle.

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