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Compression tights: do they work?

By Administration The Physio Rooms Woodvale | 13 May 2019 |

Thanks for clicking through and checking out our blog on compression garments. Compression garments are commonplace among athletes and recreational sports participants the world over. And as physios we are always being asked: Do compression garments work? This is a really difficult question to answer for a few reasons: 1) What do we mean by work? Are we talking about improved performance? Reduced pain post exercise? Reduced injury risk? The list goes on. 2) How do we objectively measure the effects of compression on the above given that we know that are so many factors that influence performance and injury? In other words it’s really difficult to control for variables. As an extreme example, an athlete who has an argument with his partner might report feeling worse post exercise (with or without compression garments). More obvious variables might include sleep or nutrition. 3) There are tonnes of different products on…


Exercise and Osteoarthritis

By Administration The Physio Rooms Woodvale | 16 Apr 2019 |

Thanks for clicking through and checking out our blog on exercise and osteoarthritis! We treat a lot of people who are suffering with osteoarthritis (OA) and we know how frustrating it can be when you just want to get on with life and function. Here, we give a great summary of OA and pay special attention to OA of the knee (knee and hip are the most common areas to have OA). So what is OA? OA is a type of arthritis that is characterised by joint space narrowing. Typically this involves a loss of cartilage and may or may not produce varying levels of pain. What we do know is that scan findings aren’t always a reliable way of telling how much someone is affected by their OA. For example, you can have a person with high levels of pain but very little change on a scan. Or vice…


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