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Who is at increased risk?

People at risk of having a fall most commonly include those who:

  • Are elderly
  • Are post-operative
  • Have a chronic condition
  • Have affected hearing, vision or sensory touch sensations
  • Have reduce strength or stability
  • Have impaired balance
  • Have a fear of falling

How can physiotherapy help?

Having a fall can lead to extremely serious consequences, particularly if you also have poor bone density (osteoporosis), including fractures and dislocations.

At The Physio Rooms Woodvale, our practitioners are trained in professionally assessing your balance and risk of falls, and implementing a structured and progressive exercise program to reduce your risk of having a fall. This program will be designed to improve balance, mobility, strength and confidence with daily tasks and activities.

For more information, and to come in and get your balance assessed, call us now on (08) 9309 5805, or follow the link below to book online now!


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