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Understanding Headaches…. Can physiotherapy help?

By Administration The Physio Rooms Woodvale | 25 Aug 2021 |

What defines a headache: There is a huge spectrum of symptoms that may contribute to a headache. Pain can present all over, or can be localised to one area, such as the back of your head, or behind one eye. Pain can be mild or severe. It can be short-lasting, and persist over days or weeks. Some headaches are aggravated with movement or exercise, while others improve with it. Some headaches cause sensitivity to light and sound. Some present with associated pain in the neck or shoulders. They can be influenced by hormones, stress, fatigue, neck pain, jaw pain, or can be set off by certain triggers, such as food groups, alcohol or caffeine. The causes of headaches vary greatly, with some being of little concern, while more serious causes may mean cause for immediate action. Physiotherapists are trained in being able to classify your headache into a category, which…


Should you ice an injury?

By Administration The Physio Rooms Woodvale | 21 Jul 2021 |

For anyone who has ever injured themselves the term RICE (Rest, ice, compression and elevation) has been the gold star acronym for the treatment of acute injuries such as strains and sprains. Putting ice on a sprained ankle has always been thought to reduce the “harmful” swelling to help promote healing. But the way that we treat injuries is constantly changing as new research comes to light. Current evidence now suggests that this inflammation is actually a very important component of the healing process, and that applying ice to the site of injury may slow down recovery. To understand why this is the case it’s important to know what is happening at a cellular level when tissue damage occurs. So, let’s use a sprained ankle as an example. You’ve been playing sport, jumped up high to grab the ball and when you’ve come down your ankle is not in the…


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