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Compression tights: do they work?

Thanks for clicking through and checking out our blog on compression garments. Compression garments are commonplace among athletes and recreational sports participants the world over. And as physios we are always being asked: Do compression garments work? This is a really difficult question to answer for a few reasons: 1) What do we mean by…

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Exercise and Osteoarthritis

Thanks for clicking through and checking out our blog on exercise and osteoarthritis! We treat a lot of people who are suffering with osteoarthritis (OA) and we know how frustrating it can be when you just want to get on with life and function. Here, we give a great summary of OA and pay special…

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FIFA 11+ For Kids

Hi Guys, Thanks for joining me on the live video to hear about the FIFA 11+ for Kids. This is a fantastic resource for parents and coaches or anyone involved with kids soccer. Everyone knows that warm ups can be tedious and challenging to design. And the truth of the matter is that there really…

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Should I be worried about “damage” to my back?

Welcome back to this series of blogs on low back pain. Before going any further I strongly recommend that you read the first few blogs on this topic here and here. This will help set the scene for what we are about to discuss today as there are links between interpreting scan report findings and…

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5 Mistakes When Managing Low Back Pain

1) Complete Rest   Although low back pain can be very debilitating, complete rest is unlikely to help the situation in the long term. Historically, people have been advised to rest in bed but as our knowledge is growing and new research comes to the fore it is becoming more evident that regular movement is…

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NECK PAIN AND POSTURE – What can you do to change it?

Great for the every day office worker! Neck pain is one the most common problems we see as physiotherapists. In a time where we are constantly hunched over a computer, Ipad, mobile phone, or other electronic devices, it’s impossible to remain in comfortable posture for long periods. Our body is simply not designed to sit…

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