Other factors that influence your low back pain

By Administration The Physio Rooms Woodvale | 19 Sep 2018 | 0

Thanks again for joining us on this journey of 5 blog posts regarding low back pain. Once more, if you haven’t read our previous posts please do so here, here, here and here as these will really set the scene for what we are discussing today.   When questioned in the clinic, most people look for a specific incident that led to their onset of low back pain. Lots of people that we see will try to attribute their pain to a specific event such as bending, lifting or strenuous activity. But when we dig a little deeper it is often the case that this link between a specific event and pain is quite weak. What I mean by this is that someone will typically say: “well it could have been when I was moving plant pots in the garden last Saturday, but my pain only really started this Friday-…


Focusing Excessively on Biomechanics When Experiencing Low Back Pain

By Administration The Physio Rooms Woodvale | 12 Sep 2018 | 0

Thanks for checking out our blog and keeping up to date with all things related to low back pain. If you haven’t read through our previous blog posts on the topic please do so here, here and here. These blogs really set the scene for what we are discussing today and will help to place this post into context for you.   Now, we’ve all heard people say that we shouldn’t sit in a slumped position or that bending, and lifting is not good for our backs. However, have you ever thought critically about these sweeping statements. What if it was OK to sit in a slumped position? What if it was OK to bend forwards and pick up that box of leaflets? Today, we are going to address these questions and challenge some of the existing beliefs about these tasks.   I’m going to begin by talking about posture,…

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